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The Bay: Life on the Edge

The Bay – Life on the Edge is a stunning documentary in three acts.


Initially we follow the development of our planet Earth…the most beautiful and biodiverse world in our solar system and way beyond. Rapidly the focus is drawn to Byron bay on the most easterly point of Australia… the most isolated inhabited continent on Earth.


Here we explore the spectacular wild community that has been living here at the convergence of the tropical and temperate zones for thousands of years. We see how ancient dramatic climate changes have determined the very nature of the bay.


We intimately follow the lives of the wild creatures that live in the bay and others that pass through the bay on their epic migrations from Alaska, Siberia, Mongolia, Antarctica and the Great Barrier Reef.


In act two we show the epic migration of our own human species out of Africa to the bay in three waves. The first around 70,000 years ago, the second wave out of Africa via Europe only slightly more than two hundred years ago and recent multicultural migrations. The impact of our human history on the bays wild community and surrounding environment is discussed in detail, using fascinating archival footage and photographs to illustrate our story.


In act three we clearly see that our species, like everything else on the planet is constantly evolving. In hindsight a lot of what we have done has been unwise and based  on short term gain and at times basically just to survive.  It is time for us to live up to our self titled name of Homo sapiens… wise human. We are clever… of that there is no doubt but to survive we now have to rethink our relationship to nature. New ways of environmentally sustainable living within natural systems are explored. We look to find a way forward that will provide a healthy future for the coming generations of our own species and for the multitude of other species with whom we share this beautiful planet. Our choices now will determine the future of all life on Earth. 

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Wild Byron

Wild Byron is a spectacular blue chip, pure wildlife documentary featuring the amazing biodiversity to be found around beautiful Byron Bay. It tells the life story of this ancient wildlife community and the visiting wildlife from far away and their epic migrations. You will love this documentary!

the film
The facts
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The Bay: Life on the Edge

Our relationship to nature is now the greatest challenge our species has ever faced


The Bay – Life on the Edge places our species back into its true home… within nature in the wild community that we have evolved from. From this perspective we can move forward with wisdom. Our challenge is to become aligned to the natural systems that support life on our planet Earth… the greatest prize in our solar system and as far as we know… far beyond.

The mission


Michael Balson

Michael is one of Australia’s most experienced and awarded documentary makers, with dozens of international documentaries to his credit.  He has produced, directed, edited, shot and written Natural History, Adventure, Cultural and Environmental Documentaries for all Australian and International Broadcasters, including many for The Discovery Channel and National Geographic… and has won AFI, Logi, and US ACE awards for Directing, Editing and Soundtrack.

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